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About Us

ISPP is the International Society for Pelviperineology, ISPP was originally founded in 1996 as AAVIS, the Association of Ambulatory Vaginal and Incontinence Surgeons. Initially AAVIS was a group of Australian Gynaecologists with a special interest in minimally invasive Day Surgery techniques  for incontinence and prolapse. In 2010  AAVIS changed its’ name to become  ISPP and changed its’ constitution to become an International and multidisciplinary Society, welcoming urologists and coloproctologists, as well as gynaecologists from around the world.

As a legal entity the ISPP is still based in Australia as an Incorporated Association in the state of New South Wales. The ISPP publishes a quarterly medical journal called Pelviperineology which is an open-access peer reviewed journal free to read online at  Members of the Society can choose to pay an extra $20 to receive a hard copy of each edition of the journal posted to their home or office

Each year Since 1998 the ISPP has organized an Annual Scientific meeting with workshops, tutorials, Plenary Sessions and live surgery

Trading Address

The trading address of the ISPP is 24 Fisher Avenue, North Wahroonga, 2076, New South Wales, Australia

Mission Statement

The International Society for Pelviperineology (ISPP) is an international multidisciplinary medical Association dedicated to the advancement of medical knowledge concerning disorders of the female and male pelvic floor